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free email marketing

5 Free Email Marketing Tools [Infographic]

Email marketing is the first form of digital marketing. In its broadest sense, it translates into sending of emails to existing and potential customers. With the advent of digital revolution, the importance of email marketing…
facebook ads guide for startups

The Facebook Ads Guide For Startups

According to SocialMediaExaminer, 93% of marketers across the globe use Facebook ads regularly. That is almost every marketer on the planet! And if you think this is just the west, think again. More than 70% of…
free seo tools & how to use them

21 Free SEO Tools and How to Use Them

While SEO as a concept is simple (optimizing web pages to perform better in search engines), it can be a surprisingly complex operation.  The SEO veterans have many different tools in their belt that they…
conversion optimisation

4 Conversion Optimisation Case Studies To Learn From

Most marketers stress about traffic all the time. Getting to page 1 of search engines and driving traffic from Facebook ads is what most people are obsessed about. However, all of this is of no use if…